Startup Weekend UC Berkeley

September 22, 2013 @ 4:00 pm
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CJ Reim will serve as a judge for the Final Presentations.

Startup Weekend is a non-profit, community-building event that brings together entrepreneurs of different backgrounds, including software developers, marketers, designers and other enthusiasts. They gather to to pitch ideas, form teams and start companies in just 54 hours. The participants that attend have 60 seconds to make a pitch, the pitches are whittled down to the top ideas and then teams form around the ideas to come out with several developed companies or projects. Teams will have an oppourtunity to engage with coaches who are well-versed in the startup community throughout the weekend. Finally, the weekend culminates with demonstrations in front of an audience of judges and potential investors.


Skydeck Incubator
2150 Shattuck Avenue, Penthouse
Berkeley, CA 94704