StreamBase Announces Hadoop Integration to Provide Real-Time Analytics for Big Data

NEW YORK -- 06/20/12
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StreamBase CEP and LiveView to offer scalable, efficient real-time analytics on streaming log event flows

StreamBase Systems today announces that it has released an integrated offering between its flagship products, StreamBase CEP and StreamBase LiveView, and the Hadoop stack, creating an integrated enterprise-class platform for online, real-time analytics against streaming big data. The integration is based on Flume, the next generation data collection network for Hadoop. The solution will provide a solution for online analytical applications like real-time fraud detection, real-time monitoring, and real-time social sentiment analysis.

Hadoop is an open source environment for reliable, scalable, distributed computing focused on the analysis of big data. Flume is a distributed, reliable, and highly available service for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data into and out of Hadoop. Flume offers developers a simple extensible data model that allows for the creation of real-time analytic applications based on streaming data flows, with enterprise-class features such as fault tolerance and central management.

StreamBase CEP is an event-based development, testing, debugging, and deployment platform for real-time analytics that operate on streaming data. StreamBase LiveView is a scalable, low latency, active data warehouse and business intelligence solution that provides continuous, push-based business intelligence, aggregation, ad-hoc analytics, charting, and alerting for real-time data and custom real-time analytics.

The Hadoop integration with StreamBase combines the power of Hadoop, Flume, CEP, and real-time analytics, by allowing Flume to use StreamBase CEP and LiveView as log event stream sinks for real-time processing, much in the way HDFS is a sink for the same data for batch processing. The StreamBase sink provides a real-time analytic coprocessor for Hadoop, for online analytics applications such as real-time fraud detection, real-time ad placement, and real-time social sentiment analytics.

“Flume was designed to deliver the power of Big Data and Hadoop in real-time,” said Amr Awadallah, Cloudera CTO and co-founder. “Connecting Flume, StreamBase CEP and LiveView has resulted in a real-time computing solution for analyzing streaming log file data and creating new Big Data applications that provide real-time insights.”

“The missing piece of the Big Data story was real-time, and now its here,” said Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase. “StreamBase CEP and LiveView provide an enterprise-class real-time analytics solution for serious event process applications. Already proven as the most robust real-time platform in the capital markets space, our real-time big data capabilities promise to bring real-time analytics from Wall Street to Main Street.”

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