Violin Memory Accelerates Database Performance for Online Transaction Processing and Decision Support System Workloads

Santa Clara, Calif. -- 10/22/13
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Violin Flash Memory Arrays with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Improve Performance Up to 4.5 Times Compared to Traditional Storage

Violin Memory, Inc. (NYSE: VMEM), a leader in memory-based storage solutions, today announced results of a performance study conducted with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions. Based on test results, Oracle database workloads running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Violin 6616 Flash Memory Array demonstrated significantly better performance compared to traditional Fibre Channel (FC) disk-based storage for online transaction processing (OLTP) as well as decision support system (DSS) applications. With the added performance gain, companies utilizing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Violin Flash Memory Arrays can accelerate their business transactions cost-effectively.

“Besides offering a performance boost, Violin Flash Memory Arrays can be accessed by multiple hosts simultaneously and does not require proprietary or additional device drivers for deployments with Red Hat Enterprise Linux,” said John Shakshober, director of performance engineering, Red Hat. “This simplifies data access and application migrations, and makes Violin Flash Memory Arrays a great solution to use in conjunction with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization or in a cluster running the GFS2 file system.”

The tests showed that the Violin Flash Memory Arrays were able to overcome traditional storage bottlenecks by:

  • Supporting more than 100 simultaneous processes during test runs
  • Improving overall system performance for OLTP workloads by 2.5 times over a traditional 8GB/s FC array
  • Providing up to 4.5 times the DSS throughput as compared to 8GB/s FC arrays

Testing also demonstrated that with multiple DSS applications stressing the CPU and storage subsystems, the performance advantage of using Violin Flash Memory Arrays is even more pronounced.

“We are very excited about these findings,” said Narayan Venkat, vice president of products at Violin Memory. “Violin Flash Memory Arrays are the storage system of choice for compute vendors for various OLTP benchmark efforts and this assessment by Red Hat is a testament to the value of our purpose-built memory architecture.”

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