VMTurbo Launches Virtual Health Monitor - Free, Unlimited, and On Any Hypervisor

Burlington, Mass. -- 05/15/13
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Free monitoring tool delivers instant visibility to health and performance across virtual data centers of any size, with built-in analysis of risk and efficiency improvements

VMTurbo, the leading provider of software-defined control for cloud and virtualized environments, today announced the availability of their Virtual Health Monitor tool for free download at www.vmturbo.com/freehealthmonitor. This free tool is an evolution of the Community Edition of the company's Operations Management product and adds additional insight to risk and efficiency improvements that should be made in environments running the solution.

"As more organizations expand their use of virtualization to include different hypervisors and more applications being run in VMs, new performance challenges are arising. While this shared resource model improves utilization, it also increases the likelihood for interference and resource contention across workloads and applications," said Derek Slayton, vice president of marketing at VMTurbo. "Monitoring and reporting are important capabilities to understand health and performance in the environment, and they should be fundamental and free on any hypervisor. Our tool focuses on delivering that in an unlimited fashion across any hypervisor with instant time-to-value - and providing unique insights to risk and efficiency improvements that should be made to our users."

VMTurbo's Virtual Health Monitor provides full-featured monitoring and reporting in an unlimited fashion across vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. In addition, the solution collects metrics and, on a weekly basis, provides insight to risk and efficiency issues identified across the environment. VMTurbo's free monitoring and reporting tool is a stepping stone to its full-featured control system for cloud and virtualized data centers, VMTurbo Operations Manager. With Operations Manager, organizations significantly reduce the time spent reviewing and interpreting dashboard data, troubleshooting, and trial-and-error remediation of performance problems since it automatically maintains the environment in a perpetually healthy state. The solution automates decisions for resource allocation and workload placement in software to ensure applications get the resources required while maximizing utilization of IT assets.

Key features of VMTurbo Virtual Health Monitor include:
-- Instant visibility to health and performance;
-- Unlimited use across virtual data centers of any size;
-- Free monitoring and reporting for any hypervisor;
-- Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) due to innovative product architecture;
-- Weekly analysis of utilization rates and areas to improve efficiency and reduce risk.

To download VMTurbo Virtual Health Monitor, visit www.vmturbo.com/freehealthmonitor

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