CHiL Semiconductor is an early stage, mixed-signal fabless semiconductor company serving the emerging digital power market. 

As semiconductors move into smaller process geometry there is a proliferation of low voltage (< 1V), high current (> 50A) microprocessors and high performance ASICs. These devices can consume more then 100 watts of power. Chip architects are implementing more sophisticated ways to manage this growing power demand by turning on and off the parts of the processor circuitry. While this does much to lower the power consumption it creates sharp voltage transients generating bursts of energy that needs to be stored. Motherboards typically use bulk capacitors to store this energy. Unfortunately, capacitors are a big source of failures in the computers. 

CHiL’s patented solution nearly eliminates these storage elements to provide a "glitch-free" operation. The resulting benefits include significant system costs savings, reduction in board space and a 10x increase in system reliability (MTBF 10MHr). CHiL’s technology is being realized in ICs, Modules and ultimately PSOCs (Power Systems on a Chip).

Founders: Ram Sudireddy