Navic is revolutionizing the television industry. Viewers across North America can now interact with their TVs in ways never before possible. Navic’s products and solutions enable viewers to vote in reality shows, learn more about advertised products, check theater show-times, upgrade their cable service, and even order pizzas - all without leaving the couch or picking up the phone. 

Navic technology also helps viewers sift through the rapidly growing number of cable networks and on-demand titles. Viewers' ratings, program popularity, complex searches and collaborative filtering are all used to generate show recommendations that are completely personalized and relevant to each individual viewer. 

In addition, Navic's programming partners are weaving Navic-powered interactivity into the programming itself - in ways that make shows more engaging, increase viewer satisfaction, and provide new and innovative sponsorship opportunities with measurable results. 

Through all of these applications and more, Navic is helping viewers tune into what’s next.

Founders: Chet Kanojia