NetentSec is a distinguished provider of Internet Security for organizations of all sizes, industries and geographic locations. With headquarters in the Zhonguancun district of Beijing, often referred to as China’s Silicon Valley, NetentSec has emerged as the premier Internet Security company in China. 

NetentSec’s awarding-winning product, NetentSec Internet Control Gateway, is used by over 1000 customers including many well-known organizations throughout China. The company is also now marketing their industry-leading product in Japan and list a number of renowned Japanese clients. The NetentSec appliance enables customers to define and enforce flexible policies to secure and control a number of applications including Web surfing, instant messaging, P2P file sharing, streaming media, online gaming and stock trading. In addition to all these features, NetentSec Internet Control Gateway offers a management solution for protection of information leaving the customer’s intranet by way of email, webmail and web posted messages.

Founders: Tony Yuan