Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pervasis is developing cell-based therapies that induce repair and regeneration in a wide array of tissues. The company’s lead products are based on their proprietary endothelial cell technology, shown to reverse vascular dysfunction and disruption broadly. Pervasis' flagship product, Vascugel, can treat acute vascular injury in a number of clinical settings, including vascular failure and peripheral bypass failure. 

By working with world leading researchers and clinicians, Pervasis has generated a rich pipeline of product opportunities and has combined advances in polymers, drug delivery and cell-based therapy. Their products bring together proprietary knowledge from the laboratories of the company's acclaimed scientific founders, Robert Langer, Elazer Edelman, Joseph Vacanti and Helen Nugent. The company’s lead program was developed with assistance from the Deshpande Center at MIT.

Founders: Angus Russell