Software, drones, robotics, vehicles, and other platforms leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.


nuTonomy, acquired by Delphi Automotive PLC in 2017, develops autonomous vehicle software. It is the only company to successfully deploy self-driving cars on two continents, first to market with an autonomous vehicle-on-demand (AMOD) system, and first with a public self-driving ride-hailing service.

Highland led nuTonomy’s Series A, was its largest institutional shareholder, and served on its board.

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Karl Iagnemma
CEO, nuTonomy


Turbonomic provides workload automation for hybrid cloud. Its platform matches workload demand to infrastructure supply, continuously assuring that all workloads get precisely the resources needed to ensure performance and eliminate overspending while maintaining policy compliance.

Highland co-led Turbonomic’s Series A.

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Benjamin Nye
CEO, Turbonomic

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